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Timeout Mumbai review of ‘place unconsidered, trilogy’


Written by Priya Sen

July 1, 2011 at 2:53 am

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place unconsidered, trilogy

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‘place unconsidered, trilogy’ was my solo show at Project 88 in May this year.

These are the notes that accompanied it.


Baudrillard, in ‘The System of Objects’ writes: “The antique object’s role is merely to signify – it is structural, it refuses structure, it is the extreme case of disavowal of the primary functions – yet it is not functional nor purely decorative, for it has a very specific function within the system, namely the signifying of TIME. .. Not real time, but the signs and indices of time.”

“.. No matter how fine it is, an antique is always eccentric; no matter how authentic it is, there is always something false about it”.


The work here is composed of images that do not belong to a coherent place; the places here are composed of images that do not belong to a coherent moment. These are sound-image compositions in which ‘place’ is read in a few ways:

As erasures of narrative, but never letting go of its structures

As force fields in which the layers of place accrue but never locate

As repositories of histories that are not necessarily summoned


Many years ago I watched a film in which a woman goes into a video mausoleum – a vault of images, of people who no longer lived, but existed only in their images in video noise. She goes there to see her dead brother, and plays his image repeatedly. This scene made me think of the ability of the electronic image to stand in for presence, and then the limits of that presence. A friend called my work an “archive without presences”. I had never thought of archives without presences.

Somewhere the image of the video mausoleum has stayed with me.


The word trilogy here, wishes to be read as it appears in the poem: On becoming a trilogy for future music, by Rainer Maria Rilke. [And music in turn: as the most practiced distance, as the other side of the air .. ]



Written by Priya Sen

July 1, 2011 at 2:41 am

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